If you’re like me, always looking up and not looking down at your phone, you’ve probably seen the sign ‘Ching-a-lings’. If not you would miss the place because from the outside it doesn’t look like a bar you would spend a night!

Once you climb the creeky stairs you will arrive in a small dark place with couches, a bar and a patio. I start dancing in the stairs while moving forward and Charlie grab me: ‘Come on, let’s get a drink!’ There is a special every night but we feel like drinking wine. It’s 6pm and yet really quiet . If the music wasn’t on, that would have been awkward since it’s just the two of us and the server. ‘Let’s go outside’, proposed Charlotte. A patio where I can drink AND smoke, Sweet! There’s a bbq available (never get the chance to use it though) and the outdoor is covered in case of rain. Smells like incense and the patio looks cosy.

Charlotte buys the first bottle. Ouch! $25 for a cheap wine… Let’s drink to forget about the price! After 3 bottles (Yet the price hasn’t change) we feel like the bartender is one of us now. ‘Do you have any cardgames?’, I asked to the server from outside through the window. After the third bottle, I need to soak up the alcohol. PIIZZAAAA! The server let us bringing our own food, perfect. And so we were drunk, eating a pizza and we taught the server a new game. What game we played? Can’t remember, I was drunk. But I know we spent a good night. I lost, I got mad and I slapped Charlotte. It was a good night!

During the week it’s a really quiet place to go with your BFF as you can bitch about everyone while drinking in the patio. During the week-end it gets busier and you should give it a go with your mates! So, get the special or a 75cl beer for $10, light up a cigarette and chill at the Ching-a-Lings.


‘Putaiiiiin, Charlie, I gotta pee!’

2 toilets, kinda clean but it doesn’t look like. I even remember once, they didn’t have toilet paper, I was quite upset, lucky I wasn’t there for a #2! But a really nice cheek handed me some through the door. I felt better.


Some special prices sometimes but can’t remember


1/133 Oxford Street – Darlinghurst

Trading Hours

 Sunday 5pm-10pm
Tuesday – Wednesday 6pm-1pm
Thursday – Saturday 6:00pm-1pm