If you’re like me, always looking up and not looking down at your phone, you’ve probably seen the sign ‘Ching-a-lings’. If not you would miss the place because from the outside it doesn’t look like a bar you would spend a night! Once you climb the creeky stairs you will arrive in a small dark place […]

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The Flinders

Practically my second home because I’m leaving just across the road. Impossible for me to go back home without saying hello to my friends there (except when this f***ing lock out blocks me). 2 rooms, the same music for both but still good music. You can always find a place to sit down, even if […]

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The Maloney’s Hotel

The perfect spot if you don’t know what you want except having some beers. You can dance, you can chill’out like a boss in a couch, you can eat and of course you can drink. The Maloney’s is in the CBD so you can easily warm up there and then feel free to move everywhere […]

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Beresford Hotel

You want a couch, you can find one, you want a bar, there are 3 (at least). Two floors, upstairs have live music which is pretty cool. If you want a quiet backyard, you’ll only get the backyard (don’t ask for too much). A good place but always way too crowded. I hate spending my night standing […]

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